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Red Lined is a non-profit focusing on meeting the needs of Women. We strive to empower girls in the community and equip youth with supplies to remain engaged in school, work, and life. We focus on collecting and distributing items for those in need, as well as fundraising to support our mission. By working together, we create a stronger, more resilient community for all.

Thank you for your support!

North Providence, RI 

Tax ID: 87-1295800

Our Roots

We started with a tampon. No really. A tampon. A chance encounter with a woman experiencing housing insecurity uncovered a simple truth: access to hygiene products is obstructed in vulnerable communities due to cost, availability, and portability.


The last 36 months got us thinking: what other essential items might these populations have poor access to? What we found: Essential hygiene, warm winter clothing, food security, holiday help, educational materials like books, and much more. 

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