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Our Roots

A chance encounter with a woman experiencing housing insecurity uncovered a simple truth: access to tampons and other menstrual hygiene products is obstructed in vulnerable communities due to cost, availability, and portability.


Menstrual hygiene products are prohibitively expensive (taxed at the state level in many cases), and their bulk packaging can make it difficult to justify the cost, especially if funds or space are limited. Additionally, menstruation is unfairly stigmatized, and those in need of menstrual hygiene supplies face judgment or ridicule, which can lead to feelings of embarrassment and shame.


This got us thinking: who else might go without menstrual supplies, and how could we help increase access to supplies, and build awareness about the importance of hygiene products to mental health?

Our Mission

Red.Lined was founded in 2021 with a simple mission – to increase access to menstrual Hygiene supplies with Rhode Island’s most vulnerable communities. 
We currently service all North Providence Schools, as well as some Special Needs Schools

including RI School for the Deaf. We are always interested in partnering with new locations that support our mission and the community that we serve.

The Process

Get Involved!

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Red.Lined relies on word-of-mouth, community donations of menstrual supplies , and donated funds to support our mission.  

  • Donate or fulfill our Amazon Wishlist

  • Spread the word: Like, follow, and share our posts on social media - amplification is so important, and best of all, free! 

  • Host a Red.Bin to collect supplies!

Red.Lined is a 501(c)3 organization, which means that we have achieved non-profit status at the federal and local level. This means that your donations are tax deductible.


Each Red.Kit is hand-packed by dedicated volunteers with a 2-3 day supply of pads, tampons, and/or liners, and topped off with a cute Red.Lined tag featuring an empowering reminder for the user!


We're committed to sustainability, and utilize reusable packaging wherever possible. Whenever feasible (and always for schools and youth shelters!), Red.Kits are packed in refillable and once-loved cosmetic/travel bags (like Ipsy), that are cleaned, disinfected and inspected before being packed.  



We distribute kits in several ways, and you can find more information about each by clicking below!


Distribution is facilitated by our volunteers, to our Red.Sites, on a quarterly basis.


If you're interested in establishing a Red.Site, please reach out to us to discuss - we'd love to partner with you!

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