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Buy Nothing Members x red.Lined

Food Drive SigN-Up



This form is to sign up for: Food Drive Pick Up Scheduled for 

Monday January 16th

9:30 - 2pm

I ask that you please leave items in the designated area you chose below before 9am on the 16th. 

All items will benefit free accessible pantries

Located in North Providence

- The Girl Scout pantry - located outside the old police station

- The North Providence union Free Library - Inside the library

That means: you shouldn't buy items to contribute to this drive 

You may also use this opportunity to donate personal care items like, shampoo, conditioner, soap, Menstrual Supplies - or household cleaners, detergent, soap etc.

Please do not leave Perishables.

items like milk, bread, potatoes are considered perishable and if left. . ,

those items will be rejected

Acceptable items include the following but are not limited to:

Canned Meats

Canned Tuna and Salmon

Peanut Butter

Jelly (no glass)

Canned or Dry Soups

Canned Stews and Chili

Tea Bags

Coffee (ground no beans)

Canned Pasta

Canned Vegatables

Canned Fruit

Canned Pasta (Spaghetti “O’s”)

Hot and Cold Cereals


Cake Mixes

Pancake Mix


Powdered Milk

Packaged Pasta (Macaroni & Cheese, etc.)

Juice Boxes

Canned Juices

Canned Beans


Canned Gravy

Granulated Sugar

Baby Food & Cereal (glass jars accepted)

Baby Formula (Enfamil/Similac)

Granola Bars -Cereal Bars

Where will be leaving your bagged or boxed pantry stable items?
Are you interested in donating a bag of clean used clothing/linens to Red.Lined? We partner with Big Brothers Big Sisters of RI to help raise funds for BOTH causes:

Thank you for signing up!

On Monday Jan 16th: place your bagged items outside by 9AM

Please clearly mark the box or bag.

If you would like to donate a bag of clothing/linens to Red.Lined you may do this at the same time.

Through Red.Lined your donations are tax deductible.

Receipts will be delivered to your door at pick-up.

Thank you for being a great member of Buy Nothing and the North Providence Community

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