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Lighthouse Coffee Roasters

May 2022 Sponsor

Throughout the month of may Lighthouse coffee roasters partnered with Red.Lined to help them fight in our mission to increase access to menstrual hygiene supplies in Rhode Island’s most vulnerable communities.

owners: Rob and Courtney, have a deep love and respect for not only coffee, but community, sustainability, and conversation and a deep devotion to their roots. they do this through their monthly giving program which you can learn about here.

"Lighthouse represent being home. That no matter how far you go or what you've been through throughout your journey, a lighthouse will always lead you safely to shore. Having something to guide you, ground you, and keep you safe is what we've found in each other, in our families, and hope to provide through our business. "

The team helped by raising $200 which consisted of 10% of all sales for the month of may as well as the profits from their Plum Beach coffee. they also did an amazing job of highlighting Menstrual Hygiene Day and our mission., more of which can be found here Thank you so much for your dedication, and for choosing red.lined

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