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Founder - Treasurer

As a Community Advocate my first job is to try: try my very hardest to take care of those in need. I like to start at home, in my own town - North Providence, RI. I actively volunteer my time with community hunger reduction efforts. I'm part of a team of local Moms accelerating a $350k. state of the art - all inclusive, accessible playground. I distribute literature through my Little Free Library, with a focus on elementary aged reading. I truly love my community and have found a voice within it, for that I am beyond grateful. I am an ally for LBGTQIA+ rights, support and in general put mental health above all else.

In my own life, I talk to the earth and animals: any given day you can find me with my housemates : Hershey and Snickers the budgie brothers, Herbie the catfish, Tonka and Ollie my pups , my 15 year old tarantula, Red & a couple of the two legged kind of animals also! I've dabbled in many careers, CNA, CPC, CDL Driver landing as an Event Specialist with an amazing Florist in Johnston RI.

Currently, I'm studying ASL as a second language. I am a 5th year Girl Scout Volunteer and the go to for Cookie Season (wink wink)...

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