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Ashlee Reyes, Community Advocate

April 2022 Partner

On Sunday April 10th, Ashlee Reyes and Olivia Pestana hosted Give on The Go at a one of a kind location in Pawtucket, "BOOTH"

the event offered advocates, friends, family and a crew of kind and caring community an opportunity to come together in a fun and engaging environment to gather essential hygiene products, in easy to carry, easy to give packs, for the homeless and other less fortunate.

red.lined was able to donate 300 pantry.kits and collaborate on many other essential items like, dental care products, deodorant and others.

This was not the first time ashlee has stepped up to the plate and red.lined was there to assist. In winter of 2021-2022 miss reyes single handedly organized and distributed hundreds of blankets, sweatshirts and jackets, all of which benefitting the local community. Project Bundle Up New England was a huge success.

Ashlee is an asset to her local community advocating for those who cannot do so for themselves. Thank you so much for all you do!

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