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Buy Nothing Day Coat Exchange

1st Trimester 2023 Partner

Buy Nothing Day Coat exchange, came into our view in 2021 when we first pick up on thier mission. after introducing Red.Lined to Becca and Lauren we came to learn that this mission started many years ago.

"The BND Coat Exchange began over 20 years ago when founder Greg Gerritt decided to channel his love of the environment into a charitable cause. Annually occurring on Black Friday, Buy Nothing Day invites you to give rather than spend, and to repurpose rather than toss. Each Friday after Thanksgiving, those in need of warmth meet at donation sites around the state to receive gently-used winter gear. Whether taking a coat or donating one, you’ll always be met with a smile."

Since we had already begun a basic clothing drive to raise funds, it made sense to sort out the coats and pass them along to our neighbors. The first year we sorted 73 jackets and in 2022 we matched that near identically. In support of our mission, BND Coat Exchange has included us in their years Spare-A-Pair drive, focused on providing clean socks and underwear to the local community. We are so very lucky to have met such an amazing group of people with like mindsets and dedication to providing for the less fortunate right here, in our own backyard, Rhode Island.

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