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We Share Hope

June 2022 Partner

We share hopes mission is to provide food and other necessities for those who need it most in our community." They do this through a store front respectively names "Hope Market"

They are host to many partners and have established working relationships with donors and recipients alike. where many locally famous names can be found on their menu of fabulous donors, there are so many unique opportunities to be had: like, sharing a love of the community. red.lined has created a beautiful relationship with the two community fridge pantries pvd_Community Fridge and Refri_PVD located in downtown providence. after the pandemic we were having difficulty finding volunteers to make weekly trips. this created sort of an impasse, especially since we pride ourselves with finding and maintaining relationships with the most accessible locations.

We touched base in the local volunteer community, and to our surprise, EMILY CRANDELL, the groups Programs Director, answered our call. with help from dedicated team of volunteers, red.lined pantry.kits can now be found as part of their weekly distribution to the pantries.

In a previous edition of the "What's happening at we share hope newsletter, the director had this to say:

Not all partnerships need to provide funding. sometimes something as simple as a volunteer can make a huge impact! find out more about how you can support we share hope.

We are so excited, grateful for this relationship.

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