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Health Equity Zone - Tri-County Community Action

I was grateful to represent North Providence, along with some other familiar faces today during the ribbon cutting ceremony at the newest Tri-County Community Action, HEZ building. The new location serves North Providence, Johnston and Smithfield and is located at 104 Greenville Ave, Johnston Rhode Island . Only FOUR minutes from Centerdale, North Providence!

These doors opened, not just to the amazing partners, non-profits and caring individuals that love their community, but to neighbors in need. They come together to experience healthy, equitable care.

Lisa Kennedy and Perla Fernandez, the strong leading women & faces of the Health Equity Zone, reached out to RLP about a year ago. They offered some ides and location that Red.Lined might be interested in partnering with. For a year, Red.Lined has provided the location at 19 Volturno Street with supplies three times a year. This location offers an array of services including a Food Bank, Homeless Prevention Program, Tax Preparation Services, LIHEAP and SNAP application assistance. Participants shopping the pantry can return monthly with their pouches and refill them with menstrual supplies. Win -Win!

HEZ also funded Red.Lined during our first Trial.Period program which turned out to be a wonderful success. So much so - we decided to keep the program, long term.

We are hoping to find other programs to offer to the community though HEZ!

Here are a few of the wonderful programs and services this NEW location will offer!

All the best, and congrats!

EJ, your founder!



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