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School's In Session

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

A persons arm wearing a black sweater is seen holding a brightly colored cosmetic pouch. The pouch is made by the brand "ipsy" and is covered in lemons with a hint of seafoam green. The pouch is being held facing the exterior of a school building. The schools name is "William M. Davies, JR Career and Technical High School". It is sunny and there is a hint of clouds in the sky.
Davies is a second year participant

As 2022 is now entering fall, we welcome a new school year. This week 650 kits were delivered to 17 different locations throughout providence county. Most being schools, The average school starts the year with 20-30 prefilled kits and a few bulk supplies

Five large white paper bags, filled with colorful, cosmetic style pouches. Each is labeled with a Red Lined logo and filled with menstrual supplies.
Packed Bags, Ready to Be Delivered

Schools can expect a refill in February but are welcome to reach out sooner - where needed.

locations like YPI_RI tend to use a variety of items, and require refills more often. We are happy to oblige.

help Red.Lined with a refill by donating now



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