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We've joined the alliance!

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

We are so pleased to announce that we have been accepted into the Alliance for Period Products!

This journey started a-ways back with a long-shot email exchange with an @info or @contactus address, whole heartedly expecting a general return, automated email reply - you know the kind big box stores send. Naïve I was, looking for reduced cost products (which are quite hard to find), sent an email to U-by-KOtex. The response read to the effect of: " we get a lot of emails, please reach out to the Alliance for Period Products" ... and so I did!

That chain of emails started in early 2021. We communicated sparingly, as red.Lined was slowly but steadily connecting with Providence County - at times this work we do, can be a lonely effort. A Zoom call, then quiet, A letter of reference, then quiet, a thank you, and then quiet... I didn't forget about you! Then quiet - and THEN!! last week a surprise! After a good year & a half, I can honestly say I am so very proud to be part of this new family of Allies. We don't give enough credit to the times of quiet. In a world (and industry) that is so very effected by the hustle and bustle of daily life - we forget that quiet brings sustainability, hope, peace, change and rejuvenation. The work Red.Lined does is not quiet. Quite the opposite. It requires persistence, intention, dedication.

These are all things that Alliance for Period Products will help us achieve.

Here is what they will offer to Red.Lined:

● Access to more supplies at lesser cost

● U by Kotex product donations

● visibility across the usa on social media

● possible grants

● networking opportunities with other allied programs

● Ongoing technical support & Grant assistance

● opportunities to join Poverty and Basic Needs discussions studies, awareness campaigns and state coalition work

Facebook (allianceforperiodsupplies)

Instagram (@periodsupplies)

It wouldn't be "EJ" If I didn't point out my love of numbers & 22040 #LUCKYNUMBER42



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